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Selasa, 21 Desember 2010

Yamaha Motor Excellence

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Yamaha Motor Corporation launched the latest in motor seller named V-Ixion. The advantages of this motor is rumored to use the system computerize. Although the motor output of new credit in the seller's Yamaha Yamaha motorcycle has not been circulating in Batam and was launched last week, many residents who want a credit Batam Yamaha motor. "Motor Yamaha V-Ixion will be coming to Batam next month and in limited numbers," said Ramli, director of Yamaha Indragiri Tiban Makmur Sentosa, Wednesday (30 / 5), in his office.
He continued, has more than 100 people who order a motor V-Ixion Yamaha motorcycle dealers across the motor in Batam or seller. In Yamaha Indragiri Tiban Makmur Sentosa, motor V-Ixion has been served tens unit. And the dealers or sellers Yamaha motorcycle in Batam yet know for certain specifications and features the latest products from Japan under the credit companies that Yamaha motor. "This new Yamaha computerise system, with the form of motor sport with a choice of colors elengan," he said.
When launching credit Yamaha V-Ixion in Panbil Yellow Front, this bike looks like as motor sport with a great body shape. But by using the latest technology. Motor is reportedly going to be the choice of many people. Because the benefits of the engine and the body of the bike. Motor sports that carries the new 150 cc engine 4-stroke 4 valve and fuel supply system electronically this injection. No wonder that Yamaha is now changing the slogan to be more At Home. Yamaha V-Ixion is a construction and appearance, at first glance like a duck machine Yamaha Jupiter MX 135LC. But this version Bore up. Water-cooled cylinder with a capacity of 149.7 cc cleaner obtained from diameter x stroke of 57 x 58.7 mm. Same with the enlargement of the diameter of the cylinder.
This motor differs slightly with the MX 135 cc obtained from diameter x stroke of 54 x 58.7 cc. But the difference between V-Ixion engine with petrol injection. Naturally, if the power V-Ixion 14.89 dk. Medium MX only 11.33 dk. Surely a cylinder capacity swelling followed supporting components. As the volume of engine oil in MX only 1,000 (800 cc if the change) is now a 1.15-liter (1,000 cc if the change). Water coolers are also more 10 cc.  

yamaha byson

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Menurut beberapa sumber Yamaha Byson yang juga mempunyai nama Yamaha FZ-16 Byson ini baru akan dirilis dalam waktu dekat, Harga Yamaha Byson belum diumumkan secara resmi tetapi diperkirakan tidak jauh dari pesaingnya New Megapro berkisar Rp. 19 Juta-an , sepertinya Yamaha Bison dimaksudkan sebagai suksesor Yamaha Vixion yang sudah cukup lama keluar, beberapa perubahan diantaranya lampu depan, desai knalpot dan tanki bensin yang terkesan futuristik. Mesin yang diusung yamaha Bison FZ-16 menggendong mesin berkapasitas 150cc sama seperti Honda New Megapro dengan power max 14 HP. denagn sistem pengapiannya tetap masih menggunakan karbulator, kelemahanya lagi juag pendinginya masih menggunakan pendingin udara ( air cooler).

yamaha motor type

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Vega zr
Mio soul
Mio cw
jupiter mx cw
scorpio z cw
jupiter z cw

Minggu, 31 Oktober 2010


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Color options available
 Price (On The Road)    :USD. 14,857,000, -
Engine Type                   : 4 Step, SOHC, 4 Valve (Liquid Cooled 
Bore x Stroke  Clutch     : 54 x 58.7 mm
Dental Rotary                 : Type 4 Speed transmission, with manual 

The pattern of tooth replacement
Carburetors     : Mikuni VM 22 x 1, 
Setting Pilot Screw 1-5/8 turns outBattery    
GM5Z - 3B / YB 5L-B 12 Volt 5.0 Ah 
NGK Spark plug       
CPR 8 EA-9 / 24 EPR DENSO U-9Volume of cylinder     
135 ccCompression ratio      10.9: 1 

 The composition of the cylinder
Starter System :Motor Starter and Starter CrankLubrication System   LLubricant Oil Capacity

 Lubricant Oil Capacity      Periodic replacement 800cc, replacement Total 1000cc
Fuel                 :  Premium
 Empty weight  : 104 kgType of order                          Diamond Frame
Tank capacity  : 4 Liter
Wheelbase      :  1245 mm
Lowest distance to the ground : 140 mm
Front and rear wheels :Velg Racing
Front suspension         : Telescopic Fork

 Minimum turning radius 
Maximum Torque :N.m 11.65 (1.165 kgf.m) at 5500 rpm
Rear brake :Tromol by Material